1. When will you restock a sold out item?

    Most of our product is limited meaning we made a decision at the design table regarding how many to produce. Once they are gone....they gone! If you have questions regarding a specific item email us at info@sharkinstilettos. 

2. Can I sell Shark In Stilettos in my retail store?

    Fuck yeah you can! Email our sales team at sales@sharkinstilettos for more information.

3. Do you do collaborations with other brands?

    We have been asked a few times to do collabs and so far the fit didn't feel right. Think your brand is the right fit? Email us at sales@sharkinstilettos.com 

4. Do you do influencer collaborations?

    Hey babe! We are always looking for influencers to partner with. Email us at sales@sharkinstilettos.com with all social handles and we will be in touch!

4. Do you have a rewards program? 

    HELL YES!! Check out the link on our home page and sign up! Earn rewards dollars for shopping, socially sharing and even get a link to share with friends that earns YOU points and gets them $5 off their first purchase. WINNING!

5. Do you ship Internationally?

     YES! we ship worldwide and your shipping cost is calculated at checkout. Unfortunately by rules of USPS we are unable to have you pre-pay customs duties. That means you may be charged additional fees by your government, not our site. We have no control over the customs authority. Contact your local customs office for more information about custom fees, duties and taxes.    

6. When will my order ship?

    ALL orders are shipped within 1-2 business days. We want the product in your hand ASAP.