All of this Valentine's Day talk has me annoyed. Why does it seem like so many of us are waiting for someone to love us instead of loving ourselves the way we so freely love others? Why does it seem like some of us have the hardest fucking time loving ourselves? And I don't mean love yourself like that school crush, teenage love that fades quickly. I mean love yourself like that mind blowing, life altering love that is timeless. The type of love you would do anything for. Think about it...the one person you FOR SURE will spend the rest of your life with is you. Stop putting your own happiness at the bottom of your priorities. Stop doing endless things for others but nothing for yourself. Somehow loving yourself, taking care of yourself and making your happiness a priority has been branded as selfish. FUCK THAT. It isn't selfish. It is necessary. Give yourself permission to live a big, bold life. When you love yourself, you begin to walk away from things that are not healthy and not meant for you. You will easily be able to leave jobs, people and even your own bad habits. You will walk away from anything that keeps you small. So this Valentine's Day buy your own box of damn chocolates and join the self love club. It's pretty fabulous. Self love is the greatest middle finger of all time. And, that my friends was the inspiration behind our FU tee that so many have been asking about. I designed it with one thing in mind: celebrating all the girls and women out there who love themselves in a world that is constantly telling them not to. If you don't like it.... FU.

With love & middle fingers,