What started out as a nickname given to me has evolved into something so much more. SINS is no doubt an extension of the woman I am. But, I also believe there is a Shark In Stilettos in every woman. Women are strong AF! No matter our age, race, or background we can all find things in common with one another. We have all fallen down (I have fallen down many times, figuratively and literally...hey stilettos can be tricky especially mixed with cocktails) and if you are reading this you dusted yourself off and you got the fuck back up. No matter what it was that caused the fall, you are here. There is magic in knowing you may fall, but also knowing that no matter what, you are powerful enough to pick yourself back up, and carry on. When you truly believe that you become unstoppable. There is a Shark In Stilettos in all of us....unleash her!

Cheers to chasing dreams in a badass pair of shoes! Talk to you babes soon.